Pysanky Courses: Ukrainian Easter Egg Design

Learn Pysanky, the art of Ukrainian Easter Egg Design!

I teach workshops on how to create these beautiful and meaningful Pysanky.  I bring everything you need to learn and make Pysanky!

Courses may be held at churches, community centres, or in your home for a Pysanky party! Group size is limited to ~14 people to ensure access to tools and instructor assistance. Please speak with me about the set-up and space needed for your group.

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Produce intricate works of art based on traditional designs or create your own patterns. In my classes we will discuss some of the stories and legends about the origin of the art and its symbols.

We will use candles, beeswax, and dyes in a resist application on real eggshells. You will find the process can be one of great focus and concentration but also relaxing and addictive!

Pysanky class 2010 3

We’ll begin by discussing the history and meaning of the symbols, and get to know our tools. Then you select or create a design, and learn how to apply beeswax to the eggshell using a kistka.

Pysanky class 2010 7crop

You will learn how to properly dip the egg in progressively deeper coloured dyes, applying new details in wax between each dye bath to create a batik-like product.

Pysanky class 2010 8

I’ll then show you how to use a candle flame to carefully remove the wax and shine the egg, before the “big reveal”.

Pysanky class 2010 9


This is usually a three-hour course, with materials included (eggs, dye baths, beeswax, design suggestions, and use of tools). I do sell some Pysanky kits after workshops for those who wish to continue at home.

Adult pricing is approx $50/person. Group rates may be available – please call or email to discuss.

Modern design
Modern design

Children (8+) are welcome if accompanied by a registered adult participant. Children’s pricing is usually $35/person. Group rates may be available – please call or email to discuss your needs for Guides or other child/youth groups.

Because I also work as an environmental educator, I take care to source and use sustainable supplies wherever possible and to minimize waste at every step. The price reflects my time in sourcing, preparing, and carefully managing the supplies we will use.

Painted Pysanka

Painted Pysanka

For more information about Pysanky courses, contact Diana at

Any group can do this! I have worked with children, seniors, even youth in custody to teach this traditional art form.

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